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Meet Rhiannon Petersen

Monday 25 January 2016

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Hi. I'm Rhiannon. I will be involved with the theatre program of the Festival as a PIAF Young Creative. I'm a twenty year old emerging theatre maker, who seeks to make art that tells the stories of our complicated, fragmented universe. My main focus is making new work, whether that be through writing, devising or directing. I also take on roles such as performer and lighting designer, I'm a bit of a theatre nerd who will take any role given to me as I want to learn everything. I've recently completed the Performance Studies course at Curtin University, and am currently directing a project for the Fringe World festival, as part of freshly formed theatre company Those Who Love You.

In the Festival, I am excited for the events which hit the streets and involve audience interaction through technology such as Blackmarket and A Mile in My Shoes. I’ve never participated in that kind of event before and I’m curious. I’m also looking forward to getting to meet different Australian and international artists, and learning a bit more about their different processes and perspectives. Which I’m sure, along with the rest of my time as a Young Creative, will assist and inspire my own journey in the arts. Cultural hubs, such as PIAF, make me super excited about life, and I look forward to a month of fun and enriching experiences. I hope to see you at the Festival!

Young Creative: Theatre

Written By Rhiannon Peterson