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Meet Finnian Williamson

Monday 25 January 2016

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I’m Finnian Williamson, originally from Albany and about to start the final year of my film degree at Edith Cowan University.  I’m the Young Creative for the PIAF Lotterywest Festival Films program.

When I was 11 I started making videos with my dog that went on YouTube, and I am almost 20 and now make videos with friends that go onto YouTube. Often I’m the runner, camera-man or editor on someone else’s production, but my main passion is being validated and accepted through my own short films I direct and write. I also like to write reviews for independent publications, work at an art-house cinema and wear thin-rimmed glasses so I fit the Young Creative for film bill quite well.

As of writing this, the films on the program I’m most looking forward to seeing are The Brand New Testament (God lives in in an apartment in Brussels apparently), The End Of The Tour (road trip film with the author David Foster) and A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting on Existence (because of the title). My favourite film I’ve seen so far has been A Perfect Day, a flick perfect for PIAF’s outdoor cinemas that finely balances comedy and drama set against the backdrop of war.


I’m especially keen to meet with a director or two of the upcoming PIAF films, as well as meet the other PIAF Young Creatives. I find nothing more inspiring then other people’s passion for their art, so hopefully some of it will rub off and I’ll end up an even more cultured inner-city hipster through checking out the great range PIAF as a whole has to offer. The 2016 Lotterywest Festival Films started back in November, so I’ve already seen my share of subtitled European flicks; but the second season promises a strong mix of genres and nationalities that I’m looking to exploring.

If we’re talking inspirations and aspirations, I’m going with the British TV show The Office as my main motivation. It’s a show that’s so easy to look up to for a few reasons: made on a zero dollar budget, with the simplest of premises and with a (then) completely unknown cast, yet it turned out to be a show that’s so funny and heartbreaking at the same time. And it was the most influential comedy show of the last 15 years. But that’s beside the point. If I make a show like The Office, I’ll know I’ve done something with that art degree. Really I just aspire to make, write and direct my own stuff until I have a kid or the like.

By the way, PIAF’s cinemas are as good as they look on the posters and definitely the best place to see a movie in Perth. I may lose my job for writing this but it’s worth the risk.

Young Creative: Lotterywest Festival Films

Written By Finnian Williamson