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Max Tran Provides Some Tips for the 2016 Young Creatives

Wednesday 9 December 2015

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Hello, readers! The 2016 Perth International Arts Festival is not far away – here is a little reflection on my time as the 2015 visual arts Young Ambassador.

In 2015, my journey as a Young Ambassador provided me with amazing experiences and left me with open eyes. It began with the launch of the visual arts program at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, alongside the unveiling of Mariko Mori’s Rebirth. I wined and dined (apple juiced and finger fooded) with both art critics and established artists. Following that, I was involved in the installation of Tracey Moffatt’s Kaleidoscope, was given a glimpse of the amazing Giants, assisted at the openings of two more stunning exhibitions and attended some great workshops and talks.

What did I get out of this whirlwind of incredible experiences? Although I’ve had to put art on hold this year due to the confines of schoolwork, my involvement in the Festival impacted me greatly. Being exposed to explorative art fields and meeting new artists has impacted within me a fascination for contemporary arts and widened my eyes to new ideas and ways to explore them. By following the process from artist to art gallery, I’ve developed a greater understanding and appreciation for the entire process. 

This year’s new (and newly named) Young Creatives have a great journey in front of them and, despite having already experienced it, I envy them of the opportunities they’ll reap and the things they’ll learn. My advice to them is to embrace and document everything – run around, bump your head, take photos, carry out interviews, commit to heart every lesson learnt and make the most of this fantastic opportunity. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, initiate conversations and, most importantly, make friends with the people you meet, especially the other Creatives. At first, it’s daunting venturing into new territory so it’s good to have some friends along for the ride.

I wish the 2016 Young Creatives and, of course, the 2016 Festival all the best!

Adios amigos,

Max Tran
2015 Young Ambassador