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John Croft reflects on week two and three of PIAF

Wednesday 9 March 2016

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Friday:  I headed over to St Georges Cathedral for the bump in of A Filetta. The amazing cathedral was being rigged with subtle lights around the walls and some wash lights for the centre. There was only a small PA set up but the sound was still extraordinary. I was able to see the show on Saturday and hear the amazing singers in the stunning venue. The sound wasn't loud but carried through the cathedral beautifully, not one person spoke a word during the performance as they were all mesmerised.

Still on Friday after bumping in A Filetta, I headed over to the set up of A Mile In My Shoes with PIAF team member Sarah Wilkinson. This is an awesome 'Empathy Shoe Shop' where you can go in, pick your shoe size, and listen to a ten minute recording of someone's life story, literally putting yourself in their shoes. The stories are truly inspirational and put a lot of aspects of life into perspective. We set up the furnishings in the box; the chairs and tables outside and downloaded all the recordings onto the handheld mp3 players.

The following week I went to the bump in for Apocrifu, this was an amazing set with an incredible lighting design. We had six wireless belt back lapel mics and three directional condenser mics to pick up the stage voices from the dancers. These mics were mixed beautifully with appropriate equalising, matrixing and compression to avoid feedback. I made it to the show on the Friday night. The music for the show was the singers from A Filetta which made for a stunning performance. I'm not one for dance shows but this really blew me away, awesome experience.