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Hannah Schultz explains how her experience as a Young Creative impacted her studies

Tuesday 19 January 2016

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Being the PIAF Young Creative for visual arts in 2013 was an invaluable experience. I learnt firsthand the planning and complex decision processes of professionals, who essentially make art happen. I was privileged to interact and converse with established artists and creative minds, as well as work alongside them during my three-day placement at Fremantle Arts Centre. This placement was eye-opening as I discovered the sheer number of people it takes to get things done and the importance of the passion that motivates them.

Being a part of the Young Creatives program definitely influenced my career in a number of ways – the strongest being a reinforced motivation to follow my passion in a creative field. Being surrounded by people who have successfully made art and creative thinking their career was so affirming and inspiring. The program gave me the confidence to pursue a role in the creative industries and contribute to keeping it thriving. It was also a great opportunity to meet young people looking to get involved in the arts – I made lots of new friends with whom I still keep in contact.

Since my involvement in the program, I have been studying graphic design and completing my degree at Edith Cowan University (ECU), which transfers my skills from visual arts into a commercial, creative problem-solving purpose. Through my studies, I won a government grant to attend a short study tour to Shanghai, China. As part of the New Colombo Plan Mobility Program in September 2015, I was one of ten students, five designers and five visual arts students from ECU who were invited to observe culture and technology at the University of Science and Technology (USST) on the Shanghai Publishing and Printing College (SPPC) campus. This ten-day study tour shaped my passion for creative thinking and understanding the importance of perspectives. In response to this tour, I created a memory book, which captures the unique space we existed in – part tourist, part local – as a result of our immersion in modern China.

If I could impart any advice to this year’s Young Creatives, it would be to ask questions and immerse yourself in the culture. This is an opportunity to meet national and international artists from all sorts of fields, and the people who bring these ideas to life. Take the chance to ask questions – even ones that might seem silly – to get a good understanding of their process. This program is a really great place for you to experience firsthand the passion that keeps this industry thriving and to participate in it by learning and observing.