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Final Blog from John Crofts

Monday 14 March 2016

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The Young Creatives program was a blast. Over the weeks I was able to visit and jump in amongst the crews of some amazing venues such as the State Theatre of WA, Perth Concert Hall and St Georges Cathedral. With my experience and knowledge of the industry prior to the Festival, I was able to assist the crews and spend time learning how the industry systems are applied differently in different environments for different art forms. I mixed with touring sound engineers; head’s of venue lighting and fly operators as well as other crew members fresh in the industry which has given me an awesome perspective for where I want to go after finishing year 12 this year.

I can't thank enough my supervisors Elliot and Jason, all the PIAF staff who helped out to give me the best experience they could; PIAF and Wendy Martin for hosting the Young Creative Program, and most of all the awesome Danielle Morache who was in charge of arranging jam packed schedules! I hope the other Young Creatives got as much as I did out of their experiences and will be sure to keep in touch with them for years to come. I wish the best of luck for next years Creatives as it is an opportunity not to forget.

Young Creative: Tech and Production

Written By John Crofts