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Aashna Grewal shares the lessons she learnt from being a Young Creative

Tuesday 19 January 2016

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The Young Creatives experience for me was magical and since then, I have been completing my second year at university. I have also been a part of running Curtin University’s The After Party club , which is a social club for screen arts students. I’ve also learned more about television studio production and worked with a small news media company. After my experience, I was inspired to venture deeper into the Perth arts scene and learn more about other artistic fields.

I used what I had learnt from my Young Creatives experience in many of my university assignments, as I had a more in-depth knowledge about the relationship between audiences and films. By witnessing and understanding different audiences, I also learnt that there are no good or bad films – just films which don’t appeal to a particular group. There are also many audience groups that a person can belong to. Furthermore, I learnt that as a film program manager, you have to cater to many audience groups, and try and keep the film program as diverse as possible. I also learnt about the art of storytelling by viewing other artworks featured in the Perth International Arts Festival that weren’t films. I especially saw the parallels between theatre and film.

My advice for the future Young Creatives would be to stay in touch with each other, and the people you meet during the festival. Make your blog space as personal and original as you can. And make sure you document every step of your Young Creative experience.