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2013 Young Creative Leon Wu on His Experience

Wednesday 2 December 2015

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Find out what original Young Creative Leon Wu has been up to since his 2013 experience with PIAF. (Hint – he’s in New York!)

What have you been up to since your Young Creatives experience?

It feels like nearly a lifetime ago that I participated in the Young Ambassadors (now Young Creatives) program. Since then, I’ve graduated from high school, moved to New York – where I am currently studying film at Columbia University –  and collected a bunch of great experiences along the way. I haven’t changed the world or anything, but I’ve learnt so many new things about people and life, while enjoying all that being young has to offer! Like, the other day, I had chocolate popcorn for the first time! It was amazing!

How do you think your Young Creatives experience has influenced you?

Perth International Arts Festival has definitely been a great influence on me. By being part of the program, I got to explore a whole side of art and cinema that I never knew existed, and it really got me thinking more globally and about the bigger picture. I also got to meet some other wonderful young creatives. There’s something about being part of a community of like-minded individuals – it makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger and it’s a truly amazing feeling.

Do you have any advice for incoming Young Creatives?

My only advice for incoming Young Creatives is that you should make the most of your experience because it’ll be over before you know it! PIAF has created something really cool and unique with their program, allowing young people to connect with the arts in a way that isn’t usually possible. Go to all the screenings, events and talks, and immerse yourself in the creative culture so that it changes you. For the better.