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Young Creatives


Perth International Arts Festival is committed to nurturing young Western Australians’ endeavours in the arts.

The Young Creatives program is a resource that develops the skills of aspiring arts professionals by aligning them with Festival events. 

In 2016, a group of Young Creatives will join the Festival team, stepping behind the scenes and gaining valuable insight that will enrich and widen their engagement with the arts. Learning from performers, directors, production crews, writers, artists and musicians, as well as Festival staff, the 2016 Young Creatives are on the path to becoming important contributors to culture and the arts in Western Australia.

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Ariane Beyer 

Young Creative: Dance

Coeli Caymo 

Young Creative: Visual Arts

Finnian Williamson 

Young Creative: 
Lotterywest Festival Films


 John Crofts 

Young Creative:
Tech and Production

 Katie McAllister

Young Creative:
Perth Writers Festival

 Rhiannon Petersen

Young Creative: Theatre