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What is Dark Mirror White Noise?

Thursday 4 February 2016

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Sound becomes visual, dimensional and sensuous in a premiere event created by multi-disciplined artist Jon Tarry in collaboration with co-creatives, including celebrated composer, trumpeter and sound artist Peter Knight, Artistic Director of the Australian Art Orchestra, distinguished Australian artist and musician Cameron Robbins and vocalist and songwriter, Esther Maria. These talented artists come together for a brand new work to create a blend of film, drawing, light and music. Get to know the artists that will be performing Dark Mirror White Noise individually before you experience this epic event.

Jon Tarry 

Jon Tarry creates art as a way of testing ideas about the prosaic, political and poetic, in the form of sculpture, drawing, film and sound. The process of creating his works informs a new understanding of the medium and the subject he is examining. For Tarry, the act of generating his art is just as significant as the work itself.

Tarry has completed 42 public and numerous private art commissions in Australia, the USA, the Middle East and Europe. These works include Clouds, Perth City Link, Naturescape, Kings Park, Sky Shard, Canberra, Marginale, Venice, Balancer, Abu Dhabi, and solo shows in Australia, Los Angeles, London and Amman. Group exhibitions include; Markers, Artist and Poets the Venice Biennale of Art 2001. Venice Biennale of Architecture 2008–2010–2012.

Peter Knight

Australian trumpeter/composer/sound artist, Peter Knight, is a multidisciplinary musician who has gained wide acclaim for his distinctive approach, which integrates jazz, experimental, and world music traditions. Peter’s work as both performer and composer is regularly featured in a range of ensemble settings, he also composes for theatre, creates sound installations, and is the Artistic Director of one of Australia’s leading contemporary music ensembles, the Australian Art Orchestra.

Cameron Robbins 

Cameron’s work is based on interaction with natural forces and the elements. He has devised many ways of producing a kind of collaboration between artist and nature. This is evident in the series of Wind Drawing Machines. These mechanical devices are set up in different locations to collect random wind energy and translate it into a strangely readable format of ink drawings on paper, which themselves take on the form of the storm. This work has led to an exploration of the forms of the vortex, the focus of natural energy.

Further research into the elemental, combined with his musical career on clarinet and saxophone, has lead to the production of the Steam Organ, a self-determining musical device which is built into a large furnace structure. The Organ is allowed to play freely in the fire, expressing the heat, wind and ambient acoustic. Other sound works include The Sea Wailing – a tide-powered organ on the cliffs of South Australia.

Cameron has devised, co-curated, and produced many performance events of large-scale works involving composers, complex instruments, installations, fire and sound. The Current was a Double Venturi event at Melbourne Town Hall, co-curated with Peter Knight, involving eight artists and composers creating site-specific works throughout the building. Other events include Construction in Process VI The Bridge opening night and Queenscliff New Year’s Eve 2000.

Esther Maria

Esther Maria is an independent singer/songwriter, living and working in Aarhus, Denmark. Born in the UK in 1979, her family moved to Denmark in 1984, and so Maria has her roots firmly grounded in both the British and the Scandinavian cultures, which comes into play through her music and songs. In 2009 Maria released a five track EP called My Black Heart to much acclaim, a melancholy heartfelt take on the country and folk genre.

Maria has now released her debut album titled The Abyss a compilation of heart-on-sleeve songs working deeply with her sense of imagery and motion, creating a cinematic album that lets the listener travel with and connect to the artist and her music.


Dark Mirror White Noise
Chevron Festival Gardens
Monday 22 February, 8pm