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PIAF Connect

Conversations and Connections

Wednesday 4 November 2015

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PIAF Connect is about conversations, learning and participation, and bringing big ideas to life. The goal is to create projects and encourage discussions that will resonate with the lives of Western Australians. Behind the scenes, PIAF Connect is also linking local and international artists, enabling them to explore ideas and share their practices.

Within PIAF Connect, there is a range of ways for you to get involved with the Festival that goes beyond sitting in your theatre seat. Conversations is our series of talks and encounters that offers Festival-lovers a space for reflection on the challenges, questions, stories, desires and themes proposed by this year’s artists. Ruth Little is your navigator and we invite you to join her to engage more deeply with the Festival ideas and artists. The associate director of pioneering climate change expedition organisation Cape Farewell, Little is also a writer, teacher and literary manager of new writing theatres in Australia and the UK. As a theatre and dance dramaturg, she works with artists such as Akram Khan and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

Little will explore the interior of the Festival and its ideas, while acknowledging the role of you, the audience. She said:

‘Art is a powerful lens through which to focus our attention, develop our understanding and empathy, and help us to ask new questions of ourselves and our times. It offers principles and practices to navigate by.’

During the Festival, Little will encourage discussion to dig deeper into the Festival program. Conversations will feature artist interviews, workshops and much more. The Sunday Series is a range of discussions that provides an opportunity to hear the unique perspectives of Festival artists as they discuss big ideas and what compels them to create.

Little’s artist conversations will be extended through regular blogging on our website, and via audio, image and video contributions from Festival artists and audiences. The conversations are for everyone with an interest in the problems and possibilities of the world today and the role of the arts in defining and addressing them.

Click here for the schedule of Conversations with Ruth Little.