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Empathy Museum

Human Library


Sunken Gardens

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Sunken Gardens 1.00pm*, 11.00am#, 2.30pm+

  1. Feb S 20 # * +
  2. S 21 # * +

A human library is like any other library, except that the books are people with stories to share – living books. During the Perth Writers Festival, the UK’s Empathy Museum presents two human libraries, each consisting of 20 living books, who will share personal stories and experiences centred around the topics of ‘food’ and ‘age’. Living books are the kind of people you may not have the opportunity to talk to in everyday life – an organic farmer, a neuroscientist or a beekeeper. Visitors to the library are invited to view life from the perspective of three living books over an hour-long session.

Saturday 20 February theme: 'food' 


From Food Blogger to Food Truck Rumbler by Ai-Ling Truong

Nourishing Soil byBee Winfield

Against the Grain by Christine Allen

What do yogis eat by Gayatrii Surendorff

The Orange Dancer by Jacqui Claus

openkitchen project: sharing food, gifts and creative ideas by Janet Carter

60 venues in 30 weeks; a food photographer's journey through Perth by Jess Wyld

Urban Farmer by John Faherty

The pleasures of becoming a citizen eater by Mike Bianco

101 Things to Know About a Living Larder! by Ron Bradfield Jnr

A diverse and dangerous dance: an Aboriginal family, food and government policy by Rose Murray

"Is it lunchtime yet?" A fat kid's thoughts on surviving the day by Rosie Sitorus

Quick Taste of the S.E.A. by Terence Chia

Love, Loss and Jam Tarts by Abigayle Carmody

Waste Not Want Not by Monica Main

My NYC food adventure by Sarah-Jane Erickson

Have you got the guts? by Natalie Woodman

It all started with watermelon by Samantha Culbertson

An Edible Adventure by Alice Zaslavsky

A Creepy Thing Happened to me once in Ontario by Alan Carter

Wuthering Bites: From Bronte Country to Bush by Max Brearley

Sunday 21 February theme: 'age' 


Grandma's Boy by Afeif Ismail

I danced with a seed and a twig by Archana Haria

I took the one less travelled by by Claudine Swiatek

Go where there is no path and leave a trail by Vivienne Cass

Smells like Teen Spirit by Emma Cattapan

Aging and Aspergers by Gillian Stephens

What's age got to do, got to do with it What's age but a sweet old fashioned notion by Jen Jamieson

Life is a construct by Kirsty Whittle

Nine Little Attention Seekers by Maree Cullinan

key words by Matt Cook

Outliving the dead by Matt Roberts

The Flawed Gene by Faye Blythe

Unexpected Rewards by Shirley Van Sanden

Showdown at the Last Chance Saloon: Growing Old Courageously by Geoff Paull

The Evolution of Eccentricity or The Art of Ageing Less Gracefully by Varnya Bromilow

The Gift of Ageing by Michael Bazeley

Life is a matter of choices by Michael Perrot

Retrieving Memories by Ian Reid

We need to talk by Matt Sav

From Working Class to Writing Class by Dennis Haskell

Will you still need me, will you still feed me? by Susan Midalia

THE DON by Matthew Aitken

The Grey Hand Knitter by Terri Lloyd


Free, bookings required

An Empathy Museum project curated by artistic team, Clare Patey and Kitty Ross, with Perth International Arts Festival.


Sunken Gardens

35 Stirling Highway, Crawley Show in Google Maps ›
08 6488 5555
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