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Monday 11 July 2016

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We’re excited to announce that tickets have gone on sale for our special Perth Writers Festival out of season event with esteemed British philosopher and best-selling author AC Grayling.

Grayling last joined us in 2010 to deliver a sold out Perth Writers Festival opening address titled Ideas That Matter. An entertaining, warm and intelligent speaker Grayling considered the power ideas have to change the world and left our 2010 audience spellbound. Listen here.

Grayling’s work demonstrates his appetite to explore our world and the current issues impacting us, he believes that the subject of philosophy is for everyone and should play an active role in society. He seeks to arm listeners with knowledge and inspire them to take action on the issues affecting our world today.  

In 2015 Grayling appeared at the Edinburgh International Book Festival to speak about The Challenge of Things a collection of essays focusing on our world in a time of war and conflict. In his talk Grayling discusses the existing problems, possible solutions and how philosophy can engage the world in a useful way. Listen here.

More recently Grayling has featured in the news responding to the political upheaval in Britain around the results of the Brexit vote.  Master at the New College of the Humanities he was urged by students to express his views on the EU referendum. Grayling, a champion of the UK remaining in the EU, wrote a letter asking the Parliament not to support the motion. This letter was physically delivered by students to members of parliament and you can read the full document here.

Don’t miss the opportunity to spend an evening with this provocative and engaging speaker as he talks on the subject of his new book The Age of Genius.

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